How To Pass A Hair Drug Test For Jobs and More

by fauzi

When someone applies for a job it shouldn’t be a surprise that they need to take a drug test. It’s nothing personal, in fact, it’s anything but. Employers are required to make sure each of their new hires are able to pass a drug test due to insurance policies. This policy might make some people uncomfortable, but it’s just part of getting a new job. Most people don’t have anything to worry about since the majority of people don’t use recreational drugs. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

If passing a drug test is something to be concerned about, there may be some helpful information to learn how to pass a hair drug test. The first and most obvious thing to do is stop taking drugs. Most drugs stay in hair for about ninety days. This means that three months of sobriety would probably do the trick, but a couple extra weeks wouldn’t hurt. Some shampoos claim to detoxify hair, but most of those claims can’t be backed up with clinical evidence.

Some specialized shampoos cover up the traces of drugs in hair using proprietary treatments. These products usually conceal the drugs, but they might trigger a warning in the taste indicating an anomaly. In other words, they will hide the drugs but that doesn’t necessarily mean passing the test. There are some shampoos that come with a money back guarantee that they can’t be detected. At least there’s not much to risk with a guarantee like that.

If the person taking the test hasn’t imbibed much in the past ninety days, they can take a leap of faith and take the test anyways. A light user may be able to pass a test as long as it has been more than a week since they used. Cannabis is known to pass out of the system in as little as two weeks for light users. This means there is a possibility of just testing clean no matter what. If no other option is available, shaving all body hair can be considered a last resort. Hair from the back, armpit, or arm can be used so all the hair on the body will need to be removed.